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Drone survey, inspection and monitoring for the Transport industry

Equinox’s Drones offer a cutting edge Drone solution for the Railway and Roadways industry. We have helped various Railways and Roadways agencies in project planning, project construction monitoring and inspection of railway and roadways infrastructure. We conduct aerial survey, inspection and monitoring using high-end surveying drones equipped with high resolution sensors for superior Data quality with upto centimeter level accuracy. We have a team of experienced Drone pilots and GIS experts working around the clock to deliver best results in or before given time. We provide Aerial survey Data like orthophoto, elevation models, terrain models, 3D Models, thermographic data, etc with very high accuracy that helps in maximizing efficiency and ensuring accountability in Railways / Highways projects.

Our Aerial Inspection service for railways / highways infrastructure includes Railway Track Inspection, Railway Infrastructure and assets inspection, road inspection, Bridge inspection, etc. In a periodic Aerial inspection we help railways and roadways agencies to keep track of their critical assets and avoid catastrophic damage. Our experienced pilots can collect aerial Data in less time while assuring the railways and highways safety standards even on very high traffic railway tracks and roads without interfering traffic flow.


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Pre Construction Survey

The primary step of pre-construction surveys for the proposed land is one of the most critical stages of planning and design. With our top-quality drones and trained drone pilots, we can obtain extensive aerial data in a fraction of time as encountered by traditional methods. Drone surveying allows our clients to authenticate the status of existing buildings and structures near their projects. It is carried out before destruction, piling, foundation, or site development implementation. We encourage project managers towards quick decision-making with 2D Models, 3d Models, and various highly specific topographical maps portraying utility lines, drainage slopes, land slopes, etc.


Project Progress Monitoring

Construction Progress Monitoring guarantees that the intended construction is compatible with the budget put forth by the contractor. This stage also monitors and maintains records of all the work done to secure consistency with blueprints and specifications. We help project managers to minimize the overall time required for construction by a notable factor with our Aerial Construction monitoring solutions. Our crew processes the aerial data to communicate critical information such as unfinished bridge pillars, unfinished road embankment, Incomplete construction sites, incomplete road lanes, etc.

Assets management

Volume Estimation

Employing machine learning for the determination of onsite construction supplies, we can achieve 99% accurate data. The collection of information using our high-quality drones is remarkably quick, reliable, and cost-effective. Keeping track of the stockpile allows project managers to control the budget and increase efficiency. Regular and precise volume estimation is said to tighten supply chain management, reflect detailed forecasts, and decrease costly write-offs. Our exquisite Drones seize more topographic data and elevation of contour lines as contrasted to traditional methods.


Roads & Highways

We extend Highway Aerial Inspection services employing state-of-the-art drones furnished with advanced RGB and Thermal Sensors that allow us to create deliverables such as topography and contour maps, with 2D and 3D models. We do an in-depth review of Highway and Roadways infrastructure covering details such as potholes and cracks, power lines, crash barriers, Boundaries, Divider alignment, Soil Embankment, etc. Our exquisite Drones seize more topographic data and elevation of contour lines as contrasted to traditional methods.



Drone Inspection of Bridges is the optimal way to investigate inaccessible and hazardous areas of bridges quickly. Our UAV Inspection drones achieve high-resolution data that produce accurate GIS maps and 3d models for identifying concrete delamination and mapping riverbank conditions (upstream and downstream). The topographic mapping helps authorities to secure the foundation of the bridge.

Our Features

Drone Inspection and pre-construction survey for heights

1000+ KM Highway

Already covered 1000+ KM of Highway and helped Project managers and authorities to ensure accountability & Increase efficiency.

Faster data acquire

Upto 100 KM Highway Per Day

With Experienced Pilots, GIS engineers & High-end Survey Drones we can easily scale up to cover 100 KM of Highways & Roads a day.

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Faster Data Delivery

We have team of GIS experts working around clock to process and analyse the Drone survey data to deliver on or before time.

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Maximize efficiency in your Highway Project and Ensure structural integrity of Highway infrastructure.

Benefits of our Drone Powered solution for Roadways

Higher-resolution visual inspections with drones compared to ground-based inspections

Increase efficiency with high-resolution data in a very timely manner with thermal/4k capabilities

Safely monitor and inspect the condition of Highways without endangering any personnel

Save cost, time and resources with Drone Survey & Inspection compared to ground-based approach

Keep track of all the construction materials with AI and Drones

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