Wind Energy

Conquer the game of energy production and diminish any uncertainties with our Drone Powered Solutions.

Wind Energy

Drone service for Renewable Energy | drone survey

Automate wind turbine inspection with our AI powered drone solutions.

Increase efficiency, ensure safety, reduce operation cost and increase revenue

Drone service for Renewable Energy | drone survey

Wind turbine and blade inspection is very challenging as the internal structure of the blade may develop some structural problem that may be invisible from outside. We offer drone powered solutions to tackle such challenges. Our Drones are equipped with highly advanced sensors like thermal, infrared sensors specially designed and calibrated for wind Turbine and Blade inspection that gathers information (data) rapidly and can see upto 15cm deep into wind turbines. Our team uses machine learning and advanced processing softwares to find any internal or external structural issues (issues as small as 5mm) and help the wind farms to ensure structural integrity, extend lifespan of turbines and take required action at the right time.

Our Pilots are highly trained and they maintain all the safety standards while doing aerial inspection of wind turbines and blades and we have zero accident record throughout any survey or inspection mission. So far we have already covered Inspection of 200+ Turbines and helped wind farms to maximize efficiency and reduce downtime.

Benefits of Wind Trubines Inspection with Equinox's Drones

Higher-resolution visual inspections with drones compared to ground-based inspections

Increase efficiency with high-resolution data in a very timely manner with thermal/4k capabilities

Safely Inspect the all components of wind turbines as no need for any personnel to ascend to height.

Save cost, time and resources with Drone Inspection compared to manual traditional approach

Save Inspection cost upto 50% when doing a Drone wind turbine and blade inspections.

Aerial Data helps to keep track of all the assets of wind farms at lower cost.

Our Features

Drone service for Renewable Energy | drone survey

200+ Wind Trubines Inspection

Already covered 200+ Wind turbine Inspection and helped them to ensure safety and structural integrity of wind turbines to reduce downtime.

Drone service for Renewable Energy | drone survey

In-depth detailed inspection

With our high-end drones and highly experienced pilots we can inspect up to 15 cm deep into wind turbines and see issues as small as 5mm.

Drone service for Renewable Energy | drone survey

Team of Experts

A highly innovative team and experienced drone pilots working around the clock to provide you with the best possible drone service.

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Ensure safety, Avoid Downtime and Increase Revenue in your wind farm with our drone powered solutions.

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