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Making construction more efficient with Drone powered solutions

Maximize Productivity and efficiency in Construction sites

Equinox’s Drones support the construction industry in achieving fast and reliable visual data of a site. Information from Land Surveying allows our clients to enhance safety, make changes, and improve the project’s efficiency. We deliver data from aerial imagery to assist project managers with real-time Construction Monitoring. Drones can detect damages and capture data more efficiently when compared to traditional methods. Our data processing software GIS and Photogrammetry software can then reconstruct this data into 2d mosaics and 3d Models for in-depth analysis by clients.


  • 2d Orthomosaic
  • 3d SURFACE models
  • Project monitoring
  • Volumetric measurements
  • Construction Site Mapping
  • Quality check
  • Building surveillance
  • Elevation models
  • Map overlay
  • Project video
  • Aerial documentation

We can help with

Project progress Monitoring

Project managers use maps generated from the drone data acquired for regular monitoring and planning; this avoids delays and added costs. Progress monitoring helps our clients guide their projects according to their plan with no deviations. UAV based progress monitoring shows construction/deconstruction sequences, crane locations, perimeter security, etc.

Construction Site Mapping

The creation of drone maps has become more straightforward, inexpensive, and results in less intense civil engineering work than older methods. Now drones can access any area with comfort through Topographic Surveys to portray visual representations for evacuations, Stockpile Measurements, and accurate haul costs. We utilize Pix 4D software for real-time computer mapping of information.

Volumetric Measurement

We serve Project managers to maintain track of onsite raw materials used during construction to increase efficiency and promote less wastage of stocks. With the incorporation of cutting-edge technology such as machine learning, we can achieve 99% accuracy in Stockpiles Volume Estimation. With Equinox’s drones, volumetric measurement is high-speed, accurate, and cost-effective. Measurements are precise, with 1-2% of traditional ground-based measurements.

Buildings Surveillance

Inspections of buildings can be a dangerous and challenging task for humans to carry out independently. Building surveillance using UAVs helps reduce the risks associated with personnel safety and improves productivity by registering extensive and critical data. Drone surveillance or aerial surveillance helps identify potentially hazardous situations quicker for enhanced decision-making. Drones equipped withThermal Sensors are popular amongst building surveillance projects to evaluate roofs for faults without actually going there.

Our Features



Highly Accurate Data

We use high-end surveying drones equipped with advanced sensors that produce highly accurate topographical data.



5x Faster Data Delivery

We have team of GIS experts working around the clock to process and analyse the Drone survey data to deliver on given time.



One on One support

From start to finish of project, we provide all possible support to our clients and help them in better decision making with Survey data.


Make the construction safer, easier and quicker with our Drone Powered solutions

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Benefits of Drone in Construction and Development

High-resolution Mapping Data

High-end surveying Drones data helps in highly accurate aerial Mapping with up to centimeter level accuracy.

Save Cost and time

Drone mapping reduces cost by approximately 30-50% and can scan large areas with a short time frame.

Personnel Safety

Drones can easily scan inaccessible areas so that no personnel are required to climb to altitude.

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