Aerial Drone Inspection and Analysis

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Aerial Inspection Services in India

With Aerial Inspection services, it is probable to communicate data from areas that may pose health or safety risks to laborers. Equinox’s Drones offer a flexible and scalable solution to mitigate these risks through innovative drone technology. Our aerial inspection services have assisted both government and private sectors maximize the potential of their assets. We offer Inspection for Powerline, Wind Turbine Blades, Railway Track, Highway, Buildings & Skyscrapers, Monuments, etc.

As infrastructure development accelerates, it becomes increasingly crucial to match this pace with maintenance efforts. The construction industry’s integration of drone technology has bolstered safety, enabled proactive maintenance, and amplified the realization of a constructor’s vision to its most desirable state. Aerial drone inspection enables rapid data acquisition from challenging-to-access areas, minimizing risks, cutting costs, and reducing the need for extensive manpower. Aerial inspections are conducted under the supervision of a qualified drone pilot with the expertise to carry out the mission. These drones are equipped with high-resolution sensors such as RGB and Thermal Sensors help detect visual defects and damage in flare stacks, chimneys, pipelines, oil gases and additionally, provide under bridge inspection and Roof Inspection.

Aerial Drone Inspection Services in India

Power Line Inspection

With our Drone powered Aerial Inspection, we can identify Tower Concrete basement defects, Insulator overheating, Wire overheating, Wire breaks, Tower mechanical defects, Wire sag estimation, etc with very high accuracy. Our Powerline Inspection drones are equipped with ferro-magnetic protection hence can safely fly close to the powerline.

Wind Turbine Inspection

We assist our wind farm clients in boosting efficiency, minimizing downtime, and improving turbine safety through our advanced drone turbine and blade inspection services. With our team of innovative and highly skilled drone pilots, we can conduct inspections that delve up to 15cm deep into wind turbine blades, detecting issues as small as 4mm.

Solar Panel Thermal Inspection

We help our solar farm clients to achieve maximum efficiency, energy production and faster ROI from their solar farms through our innovative Drone Solution. With our drone data we help our clients to detect cell failure, Degradation of solar cells, decrease in operational efficiency, etc. Our Drones are equipped with high quality thermal sensors for superior inspection service.

Gas & Oil Pipeline Inspection

We provide aerial oil and gas pipeline inspections, a safer and faster alternative to traditional method. We assist oil and gas companies in pipeline erosion detection, elevation monitoring, above-ground pipeline asset inspection, spill monitoring, and overall pipeline management, etc.

Bridge Inspection

Through aerial inspection, conducting inspection of busy highway and railway bridges is both convenient and cost-effective, allowing for quicker inspections with reduced expenses. Our experienced drone pilots with High-end Drones collect superior quality aerial data for an accurate inspection. We do Aerial inspection while ensuring public and crew safety.

Railway Track Inspection

Drone inspections represent the ideal approach for scheduled inspections and maintenance of heavily-trafficked railway tracks. We conduct comprehensive inspections of critical track components, including switch motors, points levers, point machines, conversion facings, point locks, joints, and guard rails (check rails), etc. 

Cooling Tower Inspection

Periodic maintenance and inspection of cooling towers are very important to increase the lifespan of the tower structure and to avoid any disaster. Aerial inspection of these towers with our drones equipped with advanced sensors collect fast and accurate data while manual inspection is very time consuming and unsafe for inspection crew.

Monument Inspection

Preserving historic buildings and monuments is crucial to retaining our nation’s heritage and history. Aerial Drone Inspection provides high quality data with that in depth and accurate inspection of the structure is possible. Periodic Aerial Inspection helps to keep track of structural integrity of the buildings and monuments. Talk to our teaam for more details.

Cell Tower Inspection

Our aerial inspection service for cell towers enables cellular companies to pinpoint structural damage, potential hazards, and equipment issues within cell tower infrastructure. Our data aids clients in mitigating operational failures and enhancing efficiency at a reduced cost.

Deliverables we provide

Post Processed Drone Video

Drone Videos help our clients to take a quick overview of their critical assets. Our highly professional editing team performs post-processing on Drone videos highlighting every possible important information of client’s assets. These highly informative drone videos help our clients in decision making about their critical assets, avoiding operation failure, avoiding accidents, improving safety, ensuring structural integrity, maximizing efficiency and production, etc.

Drone Image

Our drones are equipped with advanced sensors like Thermal sensor and RGB Image sensor and can deliver Images with 4k resolution. We help our clients by delivering aerial data (images) of inaccessible areas. This data provides our clients with a detailed view of their assets, enabling them to assess asset conditions under load. Additionally, our clients utilize aerial images to keep a track of their important assets.

Our Features

10x Faster Data Acquisition

With our team of experienced drone pilots and with survey grade drones we collect aerial data 10x faster than our competitors.

5x Faster Delivery

We have team of GIS experts working around clock to process and analyse the Drone survey data to deliver on or before time.

99% Accurate Measurement

We deliver results with up to 99% of accuracy. We use Machine Learning to process data for better accuracy in yield estimation, volumetric measurements, etc

Advance Equipment

Our surveying drones are top-tier, equipped with high-resolution sensors to ensure superior data quality. We employ a combination of DJI and custom-made drones for surveying operations.

Team of Experts

Our dedicated team of highly experienced GIS engineers, drone pilots, and software engineers works tirelessly around the clock to deliver the finest service experience possible.

One to One Support

From project initiation to completion, we offer comprehensive support to our clients, assisting them in making informed decisions based on survey data.

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