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Soar through the sky with the best UAV services and unlock the potentials of technology with our trusted services.


Nation Wide Operation

Expanding our premier drone services nationwide, our deliverables have earned the staunch endorsement of numerous private firms and government agencies, reaffirming the technical excellence and reliability of our offerings.. Be a part of the Equinox’s Drones community for the quality upkeep of your assets anywhere within India.

Innovative Technology

Supported by revolutionary drone technology, artificial intelligence, and a versatile number of softwares, our users are guaranteed to procure precise and secure data even from the most vulnerable locations. We continue to achieve centimeter level accuracy successfully through cutting-edge technology and equipment.

Wide range of Industries

With precision targeting across various industries, our steadfast commitment extends to serving the transportation, renewable energy, mining, utilities, infrastructure, and agricultural sectors with unwavering reliability through cutting-edge drone-powered solutions. Rest assured, your mapping missions remain at the forefront of our priorities.

Our Mission

We aim to innovate and integrate drone solutions into scalable real-world applications, and we are among the best drone companies in Bangalore. We provide aerial solutions by delivering high-quality geospatial solutions with speed, accuracy, and innovation to both the public and private sectors.

Equinox Drones Pvt Ltd. is a flourishing startup founded by Ashish Aman(CEO). Headquartered in the ‘Silicon Valley’ of India, the company continues to run its primary operations from Bangalore, Karnataka. Awarded as the best drone company in the year 2019, we continue to yield with the utmost quality.

With beyond five years of experience and expertise in the field of drone technology, collective wisdom and capabilities are invested in projects to accomplish the maximum potential of our client’s vision. Consistent and unsurpassed aerial service personnel, modern equipment and essential softwares are a few of our prized possessions.

ith more than 15 dedicated teams strategically positioned throughout India, we have successfully completed over 100 projects, encompassing an impressive 5000+ acres of land in a relatively short time frame. Our project begins with comprehensive R&D, followed by innovative data processing & content delivery at competitive prices and significant accuracy. Thoroughly trained and licensed professionals work tirelessly to ensure that the required services are swiftly delivered. Moreover, as one of the best drone companies in Bangalore, our commitment to excellence and pioneering solutions continues to drive our success.

Our Founders

Aashish Aman | CEO 7 Founder of Equinox's Drones | Best Drone Companies in Bangalore

Ashish Aman


Technology Evangelist Geospatial Tank Taskmaster. Has played a pioneer role in drone operations before starting his own venture with amazing skills of flying.

Clients we have worked with

We have worked across all the sector – Mining, Residential, Construction, Agriculture, Railways & Highway









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